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So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
Romans 10:17

We are glad to offer audio messages by Brother Bakht Singh on this Website. Those who have heard him before know that he was a powerful speaker. Even though he had a speech impediment, God used him mightily to proclaim His Truth and to share his Bible exposition around the world. Below are segments of taped messages from different Holy Convocations.

Some of the tapes are very old and the sound quality at times may not be clear, but the central themes of the messages remain powerfully clear.

If you are interested in sharing any audio material that you may have, please contact us at info@brotherbakhtsingh.org.

To listen to these messages you will need to have RealPlayer installed on your system. Download RealPlayer free: Click to download free player.


Featured Bro. Bakht Singh Messages
(Click on linked titles below to listen to the messages.)

God's Glory
Bro. Bakht Singh explains four divine principles for enjoying God's glory.
This message was delivered at the Holy Convocation in Cazenovia, NY, 1979.

Worship Message
Bro. Bakht Singh explains the significance and purpose of Biblical worship.
In this rare gem—recorded on October 31, 1965!—Bro. Bakht Singh encourages the congregation of the All India Holy Convocation at Hebron, Hyderabad, India to participate in Biblical worship.
(Note: Bro. Bakht Singh speaks in English, and each of his statements are translated into Telugu and Hindi.)

On Baptism
Bro. Bakht Singh describes his own baptism and that of his father.
Message delivered at the Holy Convocation, Cazenovia, NY, 1983. 8 minutes.
(Note: Dr. T.E. Koshy repeats Bro. Bakht Singh's statements for clarity.)

Trials and Afflictions
Why we experience trials and afflictions and how God uses them to refine us.
Message delivered at the Holy Convocation, Cazenovia, NY, 1980. 22 minutes.
(Note: Dr. T.E. Koshy repeats Bro. Bakht Singh's statements for clarity.)


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